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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Hollywood Actor's Showcase was established by former actress and coach to the stars, Bobbie Shaw Chance. Since its inauguration in 1990, A-List celebrities such as Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore have graced the studio with their presence, providing insight, business acumen and appreciation of the craft. Over the years, Hollywood Actor's Showcase has become Hollywood’s actor-hub, giving those who are passionate the chance to enhance their artistry and learn the craft of acting through hands-on experience and an array of skill-building exercises.

Hollywood Actor's Showcase has successfully set itself apart from the typical ho-hum of Los Angeles acting schools by offering a variety of classes uniquely designed to encompass all aspects of the entertainment industry. Each class is specifically tailored to our actor, down to the very scene he or she has been selected to work on and is then constructively critiqued. The goal is to organically maximize the potential growth and therefore allow the actor to consistently book work using their“method of no method”approach. Hollywood Actor's Showcase also hosts a weekly industry showcase to provide their actors with the opportunity to be seen by top executives, casting directors, agents and managers in the biz.

Throughout the years, Hollywood Actor's Showcase has been associated with the top television shows of its time, being featured on E! Entertainment, the WB and TLC amongst many others. With a great track record of over 20,000 students, E.U. has launched the careers of many of the faces seen on T.V. and in movie theaters across the world today.

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Bobbie Shaw Chance began her acting career at only 17 years old with the help of acclaimed agent to the stars and former vice president of ICM talent management, Jack Gilardi. Her plunge into the world of acting began with a 7 year contract to star alongside Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello in the famed Beach Party movies, one of the highest grossing motion picture phenomenons in the entertainment industry at the time. Subsequently, this newfound fame landed Bobbie a seat next to Rob Reiner, academy award winner Richard Dreyfuss and Larry Bishop in an improvisational comedy troupe,“The Session, which paved the way for future successful shows of its kind, such as“Saturday Night Live”and“Who's line is it anyway.

In 1990, while raising her two children Allison and Richie with her Husband, Larry, Bobbie opened the Hollywood Actor's Showcase actors workshop in Sherman Oaks, California. With an ever-changing group of talent coming through the door from new up-and-comers to soon to be famous celebrities including; Giovanni Ribisi, Stephen Dorff, Breckin Myer, Devon Aoki, Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore, Taryn Manning and more, Hollywood Actor's Showcase became a staple in Hollywood.

Over the years, leading television networks have and continue to cast Bobbie as Hollywood's acting guru on show's such as WB's“The Starlet”(Faye Dunaway & Vivica A. Fox), Dr.Phil's “Decision House", BET's "Family Crews", "Faking It" on TLC, "R&B Divas", "BESO: Waiting to be Famous" (Eva Longoria) and E! Entertainment's "Fight For Fame" with multiple appearances on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". E! Entertainment has even dubbed her as, "Acting Coach to the Stars".

Bobbie's mission is to expand the actor's horizons and guide them in the right direction to become successful working professionals in a cutthroat industry. She believes that in order to achieve such results the actor must be willing to surrender oneself to the role, essentially using your body as a vessel for the role to live through and get the character off of the page organically.

“You can't buy it. You can't fake it. You gotta be it to become it"

-Bobbie Shaw Chance

Throughout the years Bobbie and her son, Richie Chance, have evolved the studio to incorporate many crucial facets of the business within the classes they offer. A-List celebrities, Oscar and Grammy Award winning actors and musicians, sports stars and politicians alike have traversed the Hollywood Actor's Showcase stage in search of a deeper understanding of the craft.

In February of 2012 the Multicultural Motion Picture Association honored Bobbie with accolades for outstanding civic leadership in the field of entertainment followed by a Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Global Officials of Dignity for her part in the acting community in 2013. Today Bobbie continues to mentor students from novice to up and coming, to the top players in the game all around the world and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Richie Chance earned his coaching wings in 2000 after spending his childhood as a permanent fixture at the Hollywood Actor's Showcase acting studio. As a product of his environment, Richie learned the ins and outs of the industry and craft of acting through his family owned acting class and first-hand experience, appearing on numerous television shows, films and commercials as an adolescent and continues to book work on multiple projects today.

Over the years Richie has fine-tuned his abilities not only as an actor himself, believing that one who directs an actor should also be capable of performing the tasks at hand, but also as a coach and role model.

The 'technique of no technique' may just be one of many terms used to describe the organized chaos that permeates the air at Hollywood Actor's Showcase. Richie uses the natural instincts of the actor to add character to the role and evolve a scene as organically as possible, keeping the actor from over thinking and ultimately relinquishing control to give oneself completely over to the role.

A typical study session with Richie Chance will cover an array of exercises from short/long form improvisation, emotional exercises, scene analysis and study session, auditioning techniques, audition study and more. Hollywood Actor's Showcase does not limit the actor, instead, the class caters to each individual need, also providing private tutoring sessions upon request. Richie's youthful but highly experienced prospective provides a relevant advantage to students of any age, creed, nationality or gender wishing to enter the fast paced and constantly evolving entertainment industry. Alongside the training process, Hollywood Actor's Showcase duly offers something unique to it's students- the opportunity to be seen by top casting directors, agents, managers, producers and more at their very own weekly Industry Showcase. Each week's classes are specifically designed to enhance the actors skillsets and prepare them for the business as well as the creative side of the profession so they are proficient in all aspects of their career both on and off stage.

As a guru of the acting realm, Richie has mentored up and coming actors to celebrities appearing in top grossing box office feature films, hit television shows and award winning artists who all call on his expertise before the audition process and after signing a deal.


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We try to accommdate actor's ever changing schedules by offering several workshops throughout the week.

I shall persist until I succeed - O.G. Mandino

Workshop Schedule

Rehearsal 7:30pm
Workshop begins at 8pm
Richie will lead actors through a series of improvisations specific to the scene-work to follow.
Rehearsal 7:30pm
Workshop begins at 8pm
Richie will lead actors through a series of improvisations specific to the scene-work to follow.
Rehearsal 7:30pm
Workshop begins at 8pm
Richie will lead actors through a series of improvisations specific to the scene-work to follow.
Rehearsal 7:30pm
Showcase begins at 9pm
Bobbie leads the actors through showcasing their scenes in front of industry professionals.
Bobbie 12p
Bobbie helps actors to acquire emotional availability.

Class Fee

Private 1-on-1 intensive for actors who want to rehearse audition material, scene work, emotional availability, or preparing monologues and demo reel scenes.
Private 1-on-1 analysis and guidance in resume writing, headshots, demo reels, social media, career building and more.

Actors should be like martyrs burnt alive,
still signaling to us from their stakes.

Antonin Artaud

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